Wildlife photographer, free diver & environmental scientist with a lifelong love of nature.

Jono is an Australian underwater photographer, environmental scientist, wildlife guide and filmmaker driven by a desire to capture powerful visuals and catalyse change. Jono’s work is guided by one motivation: to inspire action by facilitating meaningful connections with wildlife. He has gained extensive experience working with both terrestrial and marine megafauna across the world including; Kenya, Tonga, Mexico, Maldives, Indonesia, Azores, Fiji and the vibrant reefs of his ocean home. With a deep love for non-intrusive forms of research and expeditions, he is a passionate freediver and scuba diver. His work has been featured in world-class underwater photography competitions and publications.

Jono’s life changed when he helped rescued an entangled whale shark in the Maldives together with “Lonu” one of the island’s local dive legends. Shortly afterwards he co-founded the Fuvahmulah Marine Foundation to address plastic pollution and wildlife entanglement on the island and has since then also become the Media Director of the Miyaru Programme.


Marine Megafauna Expedition Leader

Whether redirecting four meter tiger sharks, navigating hunting marlins or dancing with giant humpback whales Jono possess a deep understanding of marine life and is dedicated to facilitating both safe and life changing encounters underwater.

Ocean Conservationist

Jono is deeply passionate about conserving the last remaining corners of our blue wilderness. Meaningfully connecting others with the ocean is the driving force behind both Jono’s underwater photography and guided expeditions. Jono is co-founder of the shark conservation initiative the Miyaru Programme an organisation that works to redefine the intersection where sharks and humans meet.


Photographer / Videographer

Capturing the beauty of our oceans is no small feat. The never ending pursuit demands constantly pushing limits across multiple disciplines with endless hours of commitment. After years and thousands of hours in the water Jono is an accomplished freediver, scuba diver, drone pilot and underwater photographer / videographer. Including operating RED camera systems both on scuba and breath-hold.